Want To Learn How to Make a Delicious Meal

Who wants to cook and prepare all these DELICIOUS item with me. Follow me, I’ll teach you.

Grilled Chicken, Brat, Hot Dogs, Grilled Steak, Fried Mushrooms, Fresh Fruit Salad, Cucumber Salad, Fresh Chocolate Coffee Cake (Missing in pictures frosted with Strawberries garnished).


I am a stay at home mom & wife for 22 +years!! Ran Licensed & Certified In-Home Daycare for 20+ years. Bookkeeping, BAKING, & Crafting for 20+ years. I have been battling invisible illnesses since I was 14 years old. But my quote is I am DETERMINED not BULLHEADED. I smile and stay positive all the time. Yes things get frustrating but you always keep going for all around you. DON'T be selfish and leave this world because of your PAIN. Hugs to all.

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