Almond Flour Bread (GLUTEN-FREE)

NEW recipe for Almond Flour Bread (Gluten-FREE), tested and Dad approved today. I will be sharing how to make this delicious healthy no gluten low carb bread, this week Friday.  This recipe is easier to make and easier on the wallet at a cost of $6.09. Compared to last weeks recipe I didn’t even mention it was horrible and the cost of making 1 loaf was $7.08.  This loaf was grainy and didn’t smell great and crumbled.  The delicious ALMOND FLOUR BREAD (GLUTEN-FREE) is not grainy, smells great, and holds together perfect.  Dad’s 1st bite was plain, next a little butter, and last don’t for get the jelly.  He said I could definitely make this again.  It passed.  🙂

So if you would like the recipe for ALMOND FLOUR BREAD (GLUTEN-FREE), I will include this one under my Recipe tab on my website   Video of how to make will be post Friday on the following pages.





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