Thank You

We are back from vacation.  I would like to take this time to thank a very special friend, past teacher and coach.  We had an amazing vacation and it was great to see this talented young lady who was a great inspiration and helped me become more out of my shell then I would of ever done on mine own.

She made me 3 beautiful Aprons to use while I cook and made me UTTER mittens.  Yes, UTTER mittens.  PLease watch the video and I hope you all have someone as special as I do.  I have some truly amazing FRIENDS & FAMILY.

Thank you!!  HUGS to all.

Keep SMILING and Staying POSITIVE in where ever your dreams take you.  Never give up.  🙂


I am a stay at home mom & wife for 22 +years!! Ran Licensed & Certified In-Home Daycare for 20+ years. Bookkeeping, BAKING, & Crafting for 20+ years. I have been battling invisible illnesses since I was 14 years old. But my quote is I am DETERMINED not BULLHEADED. I smile and stay positive all the time. Yes things get frustrating but you always keep going for all around you. DON'T be selfish and leave this world because of your PAIN. Hugs to all.

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